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What We’re Reading Now: The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching We’ll talk about it on Saturday May 14 2022, via the Book Group Zoom link*

Welcome to the Ancient Forest Sangha Book Group, we’re glad to have you! We started this group in February 2022 as a way for the sangha to support one another in exploring Thay’s extensive writings. This is a new activity for us, so we’ll try it for a few months and see how it goes. This group is intended to be casual, thoughtful and enjoyable.

You are welcome to drop in to any book group meeting, but it will be helpful if you have read the book. At each meeting we’ll choose the next book, maybe we can rotate who chooses each book and facilitates that meeting? Or maybe we’ll choose by consensus? Sometimes we may choose to break a heftier book up into sections for each meeting, taking 2 or more months to complete, and giving us a chance to take our time with it. Other times we may choose to read a book, or parts of a book aloud during our meetings.

We’ll start with a 5 minute sit, then chat about the book for about 50 minutes (or a little longer if we want).  We’ll take a few minutes at the end to choose the book for next month.

Email list. Book Group updates will go out with the regular weekly emails. If you would like to also be added to the Book Group email list, or for other book group related queries, please email us at, put “BOOK GROUP” in the subject line, and indicate whether you would like your email to be open or hidden. If hidden you will receive updates, but not conversation between members. We won’t flood your inbox, but we may wish to send occasional emails that are only relevant to the book group participants.

Some sources of books. Here are a few places to buy books, e-books or audiobooks.  Please let Stassia know if you would like to join but need financial assistance to purchase the book ( For the shorter books, people might even be willing to share. Here are some sources of new and used books, (alternatives to Amazon): 

Alibris, Thrift Books, Eureka Books, Northtown Books, (Arcata, 10% discount for book clubs if we order together), Northtown digital audiobook site, Humboldt Co. Library

They are usually also available on Kindle.

Past Book Group Selections

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